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Mindful Moments with Jenna Moore

For SMBL Studio's first series we invited London Yoga Teacher Jenna to share what a mindful moment looks like her. Read on for tips to inspire connectivity that you can implement in your life too.

What does a mindful moment look like to you?
A mindful moment to me, is when I give myself time and space to pause and be with myself. It doesn't have to be sitting down to meditate, it can be drinking your cup of tea in the morning and being fully present, noticing your surroundings, how you feel...
What are your top mindful tips/daily rituals that keep you grounded? 
Making sure I schedule in some proper 'you' time throughout the day, 5 minutes to really be still and breathe as well as 'wind down' time with no screens before bed - reading a book, meditating, journalling. During lockdown especially, my cup of tea in the morning, making sure I get outside for a walk no matter the weather, and lots of baths.
What or who continues to inspire your journey of yoga/wellness?

Yoga for me goes beyond teaching, it's a continued dedication to exploring and learning more. 

What daily tool or object keeps you grounded in daily life?  
Other than my breath, I really enjoy drawing and I started playing the ukulele in the first lockdown. Both are really great for my brain to slow down and shift into some calm. 
Your favourite mantra you live by?
'Let it be'. A hard one to always practice but a great one to surrender to.  

Share below if you feel there is something that is not talked about enough in the yoga/wellness industry? 
I think we can always talk more about accessibility, diversity and inclusion in the wellness industry.  Conversations are definitely being had, but it's something we can all be more active in. 
Thanks for joining our community Jenna!
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