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Collection: NRG Collection


SMBL Studio's very first jewellery collection NRG (Energy) will launch on the 8th June 2020 (World Oceans Day). The Collection is a mix of sculptural wave-like rings earrings & necklaces symbolic of Famara's energetic beach waves in Lanzarote. All pieces have SMBL Studio's signature minimal & timeless aesthetic 'Simplicity is Versatility'

All jewellery pieces are individually handmade and finished by designer/maker Sam using primitive casting and carving techniques in her London Studio. Here's some dialogue from Sam: For this collection I drew on inspirations from a surfing & yoga adventure in Famara, Lanzarote. Surfings a more profound kind of sport than it looks. When you surf, you learn not to fight the power of nature, even if it gets violent Haruki Murakami. As the energy of the ocean pulsed within me and the cold waves rippled and flowed across my skin, I felt my spirit surge and the seeds of change undulating as the oceans natural washing machine engulfed me. I translated this experience as a symbol to get back on my surfboard and ride a new wave, towards a brighter/more sustainable future. I still remember that feeling of being at one with the Famara Seas. The waters energy continues to flow through my fingertips today, as I carve my intent and belief in every single piece. Your Famara Wave rings/earrings will glisten in the sun, aslong as the diamond waves sparkle in the Sea

SMBL Jewellery is a status symbol; A symbolic representation & awareness of the sustainable movement. In wearing our pieces together we can all feel connected through our belief to protect nature. We can no longer exploit the natural resources of the earth without caring for future generations. For every piece of jewellery purchased from this collection we will pledge 10% to the Just One Ocean Charity. The whole of the eco systems of the world are based on the healthy ocean and if that part of the planet becomes dysfunctional and goes wrong, then the whole of life on this planet will suffer Sir David Attenborough

Each SMBL is unique and takes on their own story when they leave the studio. It is always a pleasure to create timeless jewellery that stands the test of time to help preserve our planet. We love stacking our SMBL's into unique collections; have you thought about your signature SMBL style?

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