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Our Story

SMBL Studio is a handcrafted Jewellery brand by British designer/maker Sam Bloch. SMBL (symbol) Jewellery is a status symbol to preserve the planet through meaningful treasures. As featured on BBC Radio London 2020

Every SMBL marks a special moment: a significant change, a bond, a belief, a loss, a gain, a connection or a newfound way of life. A treasure that evokes a memory of a special person, place, feeling or moment in time. It is a true pleasure to create meaningful jewellery that stands the test of time. Have you thought about your SMBL Story?


Simplicity is Versatility. SMBL studio aims to help minimise environmental impact by manifesting timeless minimal designs that are influenced by adventures in nature. We produce 1-2 collections a year to encourage slow fashion. The concepts behind jewellery are what inform their lifelong journey, this is why every SMBL is handmade to order. All bespoke pieces are designed in the signature, minimal aesthetic of the SMBL Studio brand 


Its not about your resources, but your resourcefulness. Metal in jewellery never loose their value. All pieces are cast from Eco Silver (100% recycled) or Gold. Gemstones are ethically sourced through local UK suppliers. We minimise environmental impact using sustainable materials and low/zero waste processes. To extend the life cycle of jewellery we encourage you to repair or recycle your pieces through our SMBL-cycle initiative to keep them revived 


The physical human connection of handcrafting, adds value, sentimentality and longevity. As a one woman brand SMBL Studio reinforces the need to support exploration with traditional British handcrafts, and encourages other women owned creative brands to unite and thrive in the making community. Upholding these skills is a way we help preserve part of our culture and keep techniques from fizzling out


SMBL studio fosters a natural production process with each collection where each piece is bought to life naturally & organically. This process of working is important to ensure each piece is unique and manifested to last a lifetime; focusing the importance of UK craftsmanship whilst minimising waste at every opportunity


Each SMBL is unique and takes on their own story when they leave the studio. It is always a pleasure to create timeless jewellery that stands the test of time to help preserve our planet. We love to stack our symbols into unique collections; there is room for everyone to create their own signature SMBL style 

SMBL Sustainable Promise

Each piece purchased from us is a form of promise that we all can do our bit to help preserve our environment for now and future generations

 If you are considering getting a bespoke piece of jewellery made or even to recycle your old jewellery into something new - do get in touch, we would love to here from you

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