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What is Matt or Shiny Jewellery?

I bet some of you are wandering what does matt or shiny jewellery even mean? to put it simply its a type of finish for your jewellery.

Handmade jewellery goes through so many hand processes such as carving, filing, sanding, cleaning and polishing - that is a lot of 'ings'. At the very last stage of polishing you create textured finishes depending on the style you want. Different finishes include: hammered, brushed, highly polished, satin, matt or shiny.

For our latest collection we created two different finishes (matt or shiny) for all our pieces so you can decide exactly which one suits your style more. You will see on our Famara wave midi Ring above - the one on the right is our 'shiny finish' and the one on the left is our 'matt/satin finish'. We even have polishing squares for you to keep your jewellery as good as new

The great thing about our SMBL collection is that they look even more striking when they are stacked on each other to create unique styles. Why not try mixing matt with shiny pieces or even mixing silver with gold pieces? After all, life is all about exploring and being confident in our own individuality

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