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Matt / Shiny Jewellery

SMBL Studio Mindful Moments Series with Anna Cromie

SMBL Studio Mindful Moments Series with London based Yoga teacher Anna Cromie

What is Matt or Shiny Jewellery?

I bet some of you are wandering what does matt or shiny jewellery even mean? to put it simply its a type of finish for your jewellery.

Handmade jewellery goes through so many hand processes such as carving, filing, sanding, cleaning and polishing - that is a lot of 'ings'. At the very last stage of polishing you create textured finishes depending on the style you want. Different finishes include: hammered, brushed, highly polished, satin, matt or shiny.

For our latest collection we created two different finishes (matt or shiny) for all our pieces so...